Friday, June 5, 2009


The June 16th Muay Thai Mayhem XIVplayed out to a capacity, standing-room only, wildly enthusiastic crowd. The results at BB King's in Times Square:

Wendy Lau (Five Points Academy) v
Kim Flynn (The Wat)The evening got off to an exciting start as Lau surprised her opponent almost off the bell
with a hard right hand, resulting in an 8 count and another immediately after that brought the fight to a quick end. LAU by TKO.

Passa Chattra (Five Points Academy) v Jun Lee (Renzo Gracie
An exciting, non-stop brawl from start to finish. Both fighters went
non-stop and full-on. LEE by unanimous decision.

Jose Cruz (FivePoints Academy) v Matt Nives (Althouse Academy)A battle of Cruz' speed and technique versus Nives determination and
punching power. NIVES by unanimous decision.

Pascal Jean-Michel (Five Points Academy) v
Michael Fidelman (Borodin's Gym)
Another battle of speed and technique
from Jean-Michel
versus the powerful punching of Fidelman. JEAN-MICHEL by
unanimous decision.

Brett Hvalacek (The Wat) v Daniel Kim (Fairtex/Woodlands
Gracie Barra)
A hard fought, back and forth battle for the WKA US Amateur Title. HVALACEK by unanimous decision.

Eddie Martinez (Five Points Academy) v Nathan Boyer (Althouse Academy)
Boyer came out swinging hard from the opening bell, but Martinez stayed calm and composed, putting together his trademark textbook fast combinations and devastating knee strikes. MARTINEZ by TKO.

Rima Sidhu (Five Points Academy) v Lindsey MacMhaolain (Combat Sports Center)Rima continued to showcase her developing focus, confidence and speed, dominating a very strong and game MacMhaolain from the opening bell.
SIDHU by a surprising split decision.

Omar Ahmed (Sitan Gym) v Brandon Mickens (Combat Sports Center)A close fought, exciting contest for the WKA Amateur World Title. Mickens speed seemed to suprise Ahmed initialyy, who regrouped and returned to his trademark eaggressive style. MICKENS
by a somewhat controversial majority decision.

Mark Deluca (Sit Kangmongkorn) v Chris Aldea (Fairtex)
An outstanding demonstration of professional muay thai by two experienced fighters. Aldea landed several powerful and stunning blows; Deluca remained composed and lightning fast. DELUCA by unaimous decision.

Sean Hinds (The Wat) v Paul Marfort (Mejiro USA)
Hinds never puts on a dull fight and in
Marfort found a kindred soul. Both fighters went all out from the opening bell, weathered cuts with equanimity, and never stopped. HINDS by unanimous decision.

Emily Bearden (Five Points Academy) v Felice Herrig (Midwest Training Center)
Bearden landed repeated punch and kick combinations and controlled the clinch. Herrig came with hard punches, trying for the KO with every shot. Sometimes everyone in the arena sees the fight one way and two judges see it another. This was one of those times. HERRIG by majority decision.

Stay tuned for the the next MUAY THAI MAYHEM, coming Fall 2009. If you were at this Mayhem, you know you want to be at the next. And if you were one of those unlucky fans who couldn't get a ticket to this event, you don't want to miss out again!

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