Sunday, September 20, 2009


We are always very proud of our fighters for putting in the time, effort and dedication to step in to the ring and represent the school. They never disappoint us and always make us proud. But last night's performances at Muay Thai Madness 8 at the Fighthouse in NYC were particularly noteworthy in the determination and heart displayed:

Cameron Mayo v. Britton Black (Next Evolution MMA Center)
Taking this fight in a heavier weight class and on one week's notice allowed Cameron to follow the patented Aussie training regimen of beer and more beer. The decision went to Black, but Cameron displayed surprising technique and undeniable strength and toughness.

Greg Rowe v. Ben Mosner (Moti Horenstein MMA Academy)
An unbelievable performance for a first time fighter. Seriously. No one could believe it was Greg's first fight. He dominated a very strong and very game Mosner, putting together hard combinations, working angles, setting the pace and looking relaxed the whole time. We can all look forward to exciting fights from this technician in the future.

Bill "The Beast" Chiu v. Kevin Guido (AMA Fight Club)
Guido was larger, more experienced and a very good southpaw. Bill is the nicest man you'll ever meet. He's sweet and a little shy. When you see him at the gym, you're sure to get a smile and a piece of fruit -- usually a banana. Now we know he's also a bad-ass. While the decision went to Guido, the fight was extremely close with both fighters exchanging non-stop in the center of the ring the entire time.

Giovanni Mercado v. Steven Arpaia (N. Jersey Muay Thai)
This was undeniably the most exciting fight of the night, with every fan on their feet screaming. Giovanni took the fight on one weeks notice and gave up nearly 10 pounds and a significant height and reach advantage. His heart more than made up for it. North Jersey Muay Thai is a well-respected camp that turns out good fighters. And at the end of the bout the split decision went to Arpaia. But with no exageration and with no disrespect: Giovanni hit harder, threw more, set the tempo of the bout, never backed down and deserved the win in the eyes of most in attendance.

Frank Marshall v. Jonathan Jesensky (Ultimate Muay Thai)
Some last-minute adjustments to the card moved Frank to a bigger, heavier opponent. It never fazed him. Both fighters gave it their all and in the end the judges couldn't see one over the other: a draw.

Eddie Martinez v. Turan Hasanov (Borodin's Gym)
Eddie and Turan are two of the most experienced, most skilled fighters in the New York area. Their previous meeting ended in an extremely controversial split decision for Hasanov. Eddie has been chafing for an opportunity to set the record straight for over a year and did it emphatically en route to claiming the USMTA Championship. Demonstrating superior speed and ring control, Eddie dominated the first 3 rounds outside and in the clinch. But Turan is an experienced champion with established punching power and came storming back. Round 4 was extremely close as Eddie decided to show he could trade punches toe-to-toe with Turan as well as dominating him with technique. Round 5 featured some more exchanges that brought the crowd screaming to their feet, as well as a return to Eddie's trademark clinchwork and devastating knee strikes. At the end, a well-deserved, hard-fought championship victory for Eddie Martinez in the main event of the night.

Huge thanks to everyone who came out to support the fighters and the school. There were literally too many to thank you all. It makes a huge difference to the fighters when their training partners and fellow students are in the crowd cheering them on. And special thanks to Pascal and Sergio for their help in the corner and getting the fighters ready.

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