Sunday, October 18, 2009

NEW YORK SHOWDOWN -- Results Added

TakeOnPromotions presented the first in a planned series of events at the 7 train Theater in Flushing, Queens saturday night. If the rest of the shows follow the lead of the first, this is an event that NY muay thai fans will want to add to their "don't miss" list. All of the match-ups were top-notch and featured fighters from some of the finest clubs in the NYC area and from across the country. Four FIVE POINTS fighters appeared and all did the gym proud:

Chad Fitzgerald v. Mike Matsoukakis (Sitan Gym)
Matsoukakis by TKO.
In his first fight, Chad stepped in against the 2006 WKA USA Novice Heavyweight Champion. While the referee stopped the bout due to the three-knockdown rule, the biggest issue seemed to be one of balance at Chad's inexperience at closing the distance on a taller opponent. A good first showing, with solid combinations and a clear desire to take the fight to his opponent.

Gaius Ebratt v. Elijah Clarke (Renzo Gracie)
Ebratt by majority decision.
This was a highly anticipated fight between two of the best local fighters. Many thought it would not happen, but Gaius took care of that by agreeing to the bout despite Clarke's five pound weight advantage. The first two rounds were all Ebratt, dominant with very fast punch and low kick combinations and control in the clinch, to Clarke's clear surprise. Clarke is a determined and talented fighter and came back hard in the last round, with Gaius answering in kind. An exciting display of tall man's muay thai by two very talented fighters.

Pascal Jean-Michel v. Hiro Pereira (Ayuttaya Muay Thai)
Medical stoppage.
Pereira is a very strong, experienced talent fighter with months of Thailand training and fights under his belt. Pascal is a relative novice in both time training and time in the ring. He is also very clearly 'The Business." Pascal used speed, angles and focused aggression to take Pereira out of his game from the opening bell, landing repeatedly inside and out while making Periera miss. An unfortunate shoulder dislocation from a missed right cross caused the doctor to stop the bout despite Pascal's furious protestations. An excellent fight with a great display of sportsmanship by Periera who clearly did not want the bout to end this way. Look for more excitement from Pascal in the future -- after some shoulder rehab.

Eddie Martinez v. Tony Flores (Ardon's Sweet Science)
Martinez by unanimous decision.
Flores is an excellent and experienced fighter and Greg Ardon is a fantastic trainer. But Eddie is Eddie. Despite Flores weight advantage -- he is a Junior Middelweight to Eddie's Welterweight-- and clearly evident skills and punching power,this fight was all Martinez. There was dominance in the clinch that Eddie's fans expect. But there was also plenty of boxing expertise, including a beautiful knockdown in Round Two from a cross-hook combination. And since he was still nursing a banged-up right leg from his bout three weeks back, Eddie unleashed a different weapon: a left roundhouse to the midsection that had Flores right arm swollen and purple, inhibiting his boxing attack. There is little doubt that Eddie is the fighter that other fighters love to watch.

Big thanks to the many, many FIVE POINTS students who came out to support the fighters. And special thanks to all the other fighters and blue grade students who helped us prepare for the night.

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