Sunday, July 18, 2010


Appearing as a five round Superfight on the TakeOn Promotions 8 Man Tournament, Gaius was simply outstanding.
Facing the experienced and confident Elijah Clarke of the Renzo Gracie Muay Thai Team, Gaius delivered
the most technically impressive performance on a card filled with excellent and exciting bouts. On
display were his always excellent front kicks and long knees, as well as precise and crisp
boxing combinations. But literally show-stopping was Gaius' devastating hook to the body,
dropping Clarke in the 1st round for an 8 count.
Showing phenomenal conditioning, maturity and poise Gaius continued to focus relentlessly on the opening he created, hammering Clarke's body with hooks, knees
and powerful left roundhouse kicks -- with kicks to the head thrown in for good measure. It really became just a matter of
time as Gaius pressed the assault, putting Clarke to the canvas three more times over the next three rounds. Ebratt by TKO in round four.
A huge thanks to the many Five Points students who came out to support Gaius. Their presence was loud -- but always respectful -- and a great motivator!

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  1. Congrats to Gaius! What happened to Eddie?