Saturday, August 7, 2010


FIVE POINTS fighters travel to Kingston NY on Saturday, August 21st to participate in the inaugural event of this promotion. Tickets and information at the front desk.
Please come out and support the team:

Luz Gandulla
Greg Rowe
Tristan Seisa
Youyoung Cho
Giovanny Mercado


The drive to Kingston was looooooong as the team sat in traffic on the NY Thruway for hours. But the fighters stayed focused and remained ready for their bouts. When it was time to get in the ring, the FIVE POINTS team stole the show:

Youyoung v. Mark Gadamski (Black and Blue MMA): Youyoung has been tantalizingly close to finding his groove for some time. This fight he did it. Sitting down on his punches, throwing and landing in combination, keeping his hands up, never looking tired... all his hard work in the gym clearly paid off. At the final bell, Youyoung by unanimous decision.

Luz v. Olga Khanukaeva (Borodin's Gym): Luz used her reach advantage to land hard jabs and front kicks. Khanukaeva was a whirlwind in round one, throwing spinning elbows like a dervish whenever she got inside. But Luz stayed relaxed and kept a tight guard, putting her opponent in the clinch to negate the elbows and landing punishing knees. Khanakaeva was game but increasingly drained by the knees as the fight went on, while Luz increased her outside game, landing hard punches as roundhouse kicks. At the final bell, Luz by unanimous decision.

Tristan v. Pat Carney (Black and Blue MMA): Tristan looks far more comfortable in the ring than his experience level should allow. He always appears relaxed, composed, and fully in control. In addition to his powerful left roundhouse, Tristan unleashed hard left crosses and dominated in the clinch, landing powerful knees that slowed his very strong opponent. A pleasure to watch in action, at the final bell, Tristan by unanimous decision.

Giovanny v. Dave Santillian (Black and Blue MMA): Although giving away significant height and reach to his opponent, Giovanny pressed the action throughout. His high guard minimized Santillian's offense and Gio landed hard punch/kick combinations inside and out. An accidental head butt in the second round opened a cut above Santillian's eye resulting in a medical stoppage. An unfortunate No Contest ending to a bout that looked like a win for Giovanny.

Greg v. Dave Rudebush (Black and Blue MMA): Greg is fast. Really fast. Greg trains hard. Really hard. Put those things together and you have a very imposing display against a good, solid opponent. Looking extremely fit and strong, Greg released lighting quick punch/kick combinations that were a delight to watch. Settling in to his groove as the fight went on, Greg landed solid lead right hand shots that were a testament to Rudebush's toughness. Barely breathing hard at the final bell, it was Greg by unanimous decision.

A good show with an excellent performance from the FIVE POINTS Team. Remember to follow us on Twitter for real time updates ( A Huge Thanks to the many, many FIVE POINTS members who made the trip up to cheer them on...the support at the gym for all the fighters is amazing.

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  1. If anyone needs a ride I am driving up to Kingston on Saturday, leaving from Brooklyn probably around 2:00. Contact Iris 917-698-5763.