Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Come support the FIVE POINTS FIGHT TEAM on Saturday, October 9th in Rahway, NJ.

Youyung Cho v. Jonathan Nofer (Sitna Gym PA)
Dwayne Richards v. Colby McIntyre (Pittsburgh Muay Thai)
Chris White v. Chad Looney (Legacy Martial Arts)
Greg Rowe v. Rich Brattole (Jersey Fight Club) / Middleweight Title Bout
Pascal Jean-Michel v. Stephen Regman (TSMMA) / SuperMiddleweight Title Bout

1st bout at 7 pm.
Rahway Rec Center
275 E. Milton Ave
Rahway NJ
tickets and info: 732-651-6611


The Five Points Team has a well-earned reputation for coming prepared to fight: well trained, fit and determined. Win or lose, the Team historically presents the Academy in a positive light. Tonight's representatives were no exception.

1st bout: Dwayne Richards v. Colby McIntyre.
Both fighters came out looking confident, but Dwayne quickly established that he was faster and stronger. Any time McIntyre starting to press, Dwayne would land hard punch combinations that drive his opponent back. As the fight progressed and he began to relax, Dwayne starting using the speed that his sparring partners know so well, landing hard roundhouse kicks, as well. At the bell, it was Dwayne by unanimous decision.

2nd bout: Chris White v. Chad Looney.
Looney was awkward, throwing kicks and punches from odd angles. Chris remained Chris: unfazed, determined and set on landing what he wanted to land. A fighter who always performs in the ring at a level higher than he does in the gym, Chris looked stronger and fresher as the fight went on landing hard punch combinations, knees and throwing his opponent to the ground repeatedly from the clinch. At the bell, it was Chris by unanimous decision.

3rd bout: Youyung Cho v. Jonathan Sofer.
At Five Points for just a year, and in only his 4th bout, Youyung faced one of the most experienced and talented fighters on the East Coast. Youyung suprised Sofer throughout round one with his speed and solid combinations. As the fight progressed Sofer's experience showed as he patiently wore down Youyung's left leg with hard low kicks, then moved behind with solid punch cobinations. Youyung never backed down, never gave up and -- while losing a split decision -- received compliments and praise on his performance and improvement from his gracious opponent. Sofer by decision.

4th bout: Greg Rowe (challenger) v. Rich Brattole (champion)
This is the second time Greg has stepped in to challenge for a title against a far more experienced opponent. Brattole is strong, heavy handed and and a huge local favorite. This was arguably the fight of the night.Greg started tentatively, trying to get his groove and find his rythm. Brattole jumped right in throwing with everything he had. As the fight went on and despite taking several very hard shots from the champion, Greg gradually started to trust himself, culminating in a wild 4th round that was a showcase for his speed and athleticism. It was too late, however, as Brattole retained the title on the basis of his powerful performance in the earlier rounds. Greg is a young fighter, with talent and an excellent work ethic. He improves every fight. One day soon he will realize he's faster and stronger than most anyone he's going to face, adn that will be it. But for now, Brattole retains the title by decision.

5th bout: Pascal Jean-Michel v. Stephen Regman.
This looked to be an exciting match from the opening bell. The taller, stronger Regman came straight ahead with hard punch combinations. Pascal used his superior speed to counter with equally hard leg kicks. But Regman's height and reach proved to be the edge, as he caught Pascal moving back with a left hook that sent The Business to canvas. Making matters worse, Pascal hit the back of his head on the canvas on his fall, remaining unconscious for almost one minute. As a precaution the NJSACB doctor in attendance had Pascal boarder, removed from the ring and taken to the hospital. There he received a precautionary CAT scan and was sent on his way with a headache, some tylenol, and incessant teasing from Arjan Steve while they waited for his discharge to be processed.

A solid showing by up-and-coming members of the Five Points Fight Team. As one ring official noted in a sentiment echoed by several other fans and fighters in attendance: "you guys have a really great camp and a really great group of fighters."

A huge thanks to the many Five Points students who made the trip to Rahway and waited till the end of a very, very long evening. Your support always makes the Team fight harder.

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