Tuesday, September 13, 2011

FRIDAY NIGHT FIGHTS (Sept 23, 2011) -- Results Added

FIVE POINTS FIGHT TEAM members Vincent Hui and Danny Millet step into the ring on the long-running Friday Night Fights promotion on Friday, Sept 23. Vincent faces Bobby Slavin of Cool Hearts Muay Thai, while Danny is matched with Mike Petrides.

Tickets are available at the Five Points Reception Desk. Additional information, check out the Friday Night Fights website.

Friday Night Fights
Broad Street Ballroom
41 Broad Street (b/t Beaver and Exchange)
NY NY 10004

General Admission: $45
Doors at 7:30 pm, 1st bout at 8 pm.


Despite the disappointment at Five Points when Danny's opponent backed out, this was a great show with quality fights, good match-making...and an outstanding performance from Five Points fighter Vincent Hui. Facing the hard-charging Bobby Slavin of Philadelphia's Cool Hearts Gym, Vincent exhibited clean technique, composure and determination en route to a win by unanimous decision. Shaking off Slavin's powerful punches and a solid kick to the head in round one, Vincent turned the fight around with well-placed front kicks that took Slavin off his feet on several occasions. Building on his teeps, Vincent added solid hook-kick combinations as the fight progressed, with hard knees in the clinch. At the final bell, a fight that had the crowd on their feet and cheering non-stop and a big win for Vinny.

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