Saturday, September 10, 2011

TAKE-ON PROMOTIONS, 9 SEPT 2011 -- Results

Friday, September 9th
Take-On Promotions
7 Train Theatre 134-37 35th Ave
Flushing NY 11354
Doors open 8pm

Fight Team:
Bruce Osorio
Brian Hansen
Frank Marshall
Youyung Cho

tickets and info a
vailable at the reception desk.


Bruce Osorio v DK Youn (Sitan NY)
All of Bruce's bouts look like battles between David and Goliath, and this one was no different. Youn was significantly larger and attempted to use that size to intimidate Bruce. But Bruce is Bruce and he is indomitable. Stellar defense, punch combinations and non-stop aggression all garned Bruce the win by decision.

Youyung Cho v. Tank Lachaga (Sitan NY)
Youyung's second bout was a close loss to Lachaga several years ago. The intervening years have seen him grow exponentially as a fighter and tactician. Youyung dominated this contest from the open
ing bell, utilizing speed, strategy and superb ring generalship to en route to a clear decision of the hard-punching Tank.

Brian Hansen v Jens Pciri (Saigo Martial Arts)
In his sophomore outing, Hansen utilized his reach advantage to land hard jabs and straight right hands, hurting his opponent early. Pciri was game, answering with powerful overhand rights that rocked Brian several times. But Brian shook off the punches, stayed on his game and hurt Pciri with hard kicks and knees to the body. At the bell a unanimous decision for Brian.

Frank Marshall v. Victor Romero (Weapons 9)
Romero was the much larger fighter, and used it to his advantage throughout the first two rounds. Taller and physically bigger, he smothered Frank in the clinch and landed solid knees. Frank came alive in the third round, landed repeated combinations to the body and low kicks, but without enough time to capitalize on their effect. A hard fought fight, but at the bell, Romero by decision.

A very, very good night for the Five Points Fight Team! Thanks very much for the support of all the students who came to cheer on the guys, and to all the fight team students who sacrificed their own bodies preparing them!

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