Saturday, December 17, 2011


Another packed card and long night at the 7 Train Theatre and Flushing...but the fighters kept the action going and the crowd happy! Five Points Academy had two fighters on the show in the end (this fight card was a nightmare for the promoters in terms of injuries and/or illness): Michelle Brynner and Brian Hansen.

1st up for Five Points (and the 3rd fight of the night) was Michelle v Ting Wu of NY Jiu Jitsu. In her first fight, Michelle discovered the secret that only those who step into the ring know: nothing else is like it, nothing fully prepares you for it. Michelle started strong in the first round, landing good straight punches and kicks. Wu did a good job of catching Michelle's kicks and sweeping her to the floor, and this strategy paid dividends in rounds two and three. Michelle tired visibly and Wu pushed ahead with flurries of punches. In the end, a very fine first performance by Michelle, but a win by decision for Ting Wu.

Next up for the Five Points Team in the Co-Main Event was Brian Hansen. In his 3rd outing, Brian faced the strong and aggressive Greg Polec of Legacy Martial Arts.Both fighters came out hard, landing solid shots from the opening bell. Brian looked to be have a slight edge when Polec landed several vicious low kicks and some unfortunate punches to the back of Brian's head when he was down. Brian got up, shook himself off, and in the most exciting exchange of the show put all doubts as to who would win to rest, unleashing a straight right that dropped Polec like he was shot. The Legacy fighter tried to get up but was unable to regain his feet, resulting in a win by KO for Brian.

A great showing by the fighters and incredible support from fellow Five Points Academy students and friends over a very long evening. Thanks to Steve Ferdman for his always-amazing shots of the fighters. Look for more exciting appearances by the Five Points Fight Team in the New Year!

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