Saturday, March 17, 2012


Muay Thai at the Mecca (Results)... Muay Thai moved to the center stage in NYC as TakeOn Productions put on a glittering show at the Theater at Madison Square Garden. A sold out crowd and solid should have been a night of celebration for all the fighters on the show and their fans, win or lose. Unfortunately, nothing puts a bad taste in the mouth of both fighters and spectators as poor judging, and this was epic. Sticking to just those bouts involving Five Points Fighters (although there were plenty of other examples):

Angie v. Praire Rugilo (Girl Fight MMA). Rugilo is an aggressive, hard punching opponent. But Angie neutralized her game plan with front kicks, straight punches of her own and utter dominance in the knee and the clinch. After the 1st round, Rugilo spent much of the fight trying to avoid closing with Angie. The majority decision with Angie on the bottom was, quite frankly, inexplicable. Rugilo's corner was sporting enough to offer a rematch. Angie would very much liek to take them up on it.

Cornell v. Rudy Felix (Sitan Gym). Sometimes you lose; tonight was Cornbell's turn. Felix did an excellent job of using his length, speed and athleticism to shut down Cornell's hard low kicks and right hand. Rounds one and two were all Rudy and Cornell tried to get into his range and into his groove. Round 3 saw him starting to look comfortable, slipping Felx' attacks and landing hard counters but it was too late. This fight was an outstanding bout between to very fine up and coming fighters you will see a lot of in the future. It's also the kind of loss a fighter can understand and learn from, as Cornell doubtless will do. Congratulations to Felix on a very strong performance.

Vinnie v. Delroy McCoy (Camp Undefeated). McCoy attempted to knock Vinnie out with every punch he threw. And he landed a few. Unfortunately, none of them did the trick and Vinnie answered with plenty shots of his own, as well as am arsenal of muay Thai techniques: front kicks, low and body roundhouse kicks that visibly hurt McCoy, and complete and utter dominance in the clinch. Even with an inexplicable and unpopular point deduction from Vinnie for a "low blow" -- the crowd was very vocal in their displeasure -- the majority decision for McCoy was a complete surprise to pretty much everyone.

Big props to the TakeOn team for the jump to the big ring in the big venue. Everyone involved in muay Thai in New York -- in the country, for that matter -- hopes they do it again. Hopefully, the caliber of the judging will match the caliber of the promotion.

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  1. Aside from the horrible judging--"the judges ruled this bout a majority draw" haha--the referee was no better; allowing Vinny's opponent to flop to the ground more than once and claim "low blow" when it was a clear legal knee to the body.

    What’s the deal with the judges? Do they not understand muay thai scoring? Are they boxing judges appointed to judge a sport they don’t understand?