Saturday, January 9, 2010


Come out and support your teammates, Deb Liao and Greg Rowe, as they compete in the Friday Night Fight Series this Friday. Both Deb and Greg are recently returned from training in Thailand and are eager to get back in the ring. Details and tickets are available at the front desk. For directions, times and more information go here.

Greg stepped in against Sterling Thompson of Ottawa Academy of Martial Arts. Both fighters exhibited excellent muay thai technique and unbelievable determination in a back-and-forth bout that had the crowd screaming on their feet. Thompson dropped Greg for an eight count midway through round one, with a hard right hand. Seconds later Greg shook it off and returned the favor with a high roundhouse that looked as if it was a fight-ender. Thompson survived the round and he and Greg continued the hard exchanges through the second and third rounds. This was an excellent, extremely close match that looked as if it was going to the scorecards until Thompson emphatically ended the bout with another hard right hand that dropped Greg to the canvas for the count and ended the bout with 16 seconds remaining.

Deb faced Georgia's Stephany Stafford in another exciting match with non-stop action. Stafford is a straight-ahead fighter who never backs down, but Deb would not be stopped. Landing textbook punch/lowkick combinations from the opening bell, Deb also exhibited dominance against the larger Stafford in the clinch, and closed out the show with a series of hard front kicks to her opponents midsection. Visibly enjoying herself Deb exhibited excellent technique and strategy execution while setting a blistering pace that showed her hard work preparing for the bout.

An outstanding performance by both fighters -- Five Points is very proud of both of them. And a big thank you to the many, many school members who came out to support them, the Fight Team members who helped them prepare and Coach Emily Bearden for her assistance and tactical advice to Arjan Steve in the corner.

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