Tuesday, January 19, 2010

USKA FIGHT NIGHT, JAN 30th -- Results Added

FIVE POINTS Fighters Pascal Jean-Michel, Chris White, Giovanny Mercado and Luz Gandulla will travel to Hamburg, PA to participate in another exciting US Kickboxing Alliance Fight Night. This show is always in front of a packed house of raucous fans who definitely enjoy their thai boxing. Pascal will rematch his controversial draw to John Vercher of TSK for a USKA Championship. Information is available at the front desk, or online for information and ticket purchase here. Come out and support your teammates on the road!


A good trip for Five Points! Giovanny and Luz both lost their place on the card due to injury and opponent drop-outs (but look for them in upcoming events). Chris White and Pascal Jean-Michel carried on and put on four-fighters' worth of show.

First up on the card for Five Points was Chris White, facing Joel Rodriguez of Washington Martial Arts. Rodriguez was an aggressive puncher but Chris remained calm, landing solid straight punches and good punch-kick combinations. And he ruled the clinch, turning his opponent at will and landing solid knees to the body. At the end of the bout it was Chris by unanimous decision.

Pascal Jean-Michel was the Co-Main Event of the evening, fighting for the USKA Muay Thai Super-Middleweight belt. His opponent was the very strong, skillful and sportsmanlike John Vercher of TSK in Allentown, PA. This bout was a rematch for these two fighters, who battled to a draw last time they met. Pascal was determined that this fight would not be left in the judges' hands. He took it to the taller Vercher from the opening bell, landing punishing low kick/punch combinations that led to a knockdown minutes into the round. He continued the onslaught, dropping the still-stunned Vercher with a hard roundhouse to the body minutes later. Immediately after referee Eric Utsch signaled for the bout to continue, Pascal executed a textbook roundhouse to the head, again putting his very game opponent to the canvas and ending the bout before the finish of the first round. In the end, it was Pascal Jean-Michel as the new USKA Muay Thai Super-Middleweight Champion.

Thanks to promoter Irv Althouse for another great event, a very big thank you to the Five Points family who made the trip to Hamburg to support the team and to Coach Rima Sidhu for her excellent assistance of Arjan Steve in the corner.

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  1. Great work, Chris and Pascal, with a special congratulations to the new champ!