Saturday, February 6, 2010

NY SHOWDOWN III, February 13th -- Results Added

Come to the 7 Train Theatre in Flushing, Queens for a special Valentine's Day celebration as Five Points fighters Tamaz Jorjoliani, Eddie Martinez and Gaius Ebratt show a little love, muay thai style. Information and tickets are available at the front desk or on-line here.


The evening started with some disappointment: the highly anticipated match-up and co-main event for the WKA North American Title failed to occur as Gaius' opponent failed to make weight. Hopefully this bout can occur in the future.

The rest of the night was all good for Five Points. In his inaugural bout, 17 year old Tamaz went against the older and more experienced David Miqui of Sitan Gym. This was an exciting bout with both fighters working excellent combinations and giving it their all. At the end Tamaz was on the bottom of the decision but showed maturity, poise and determination that clearly showed he belongs in the ring.

In his last amateur bout Eddie Martinez faced California's Chris Minor of Mohawk Muay Thai. Round 1 showed two seasoned veterans feeling each other out, with both fighters landing good shots. Eddie came out for Round 2 with a clear plan and started to increase the pressure. A solid knee to the body dropped Minor to the canvas, but he regained his feet before the end of the count. Eddie immediately poured on the combinations and finished the bout in spectacular fashion with a high roundhouse to the head for victory by KO in the second round.

Another excellent promotion from our friends at TakeOn Productions. A huge thanks as always to the many, many Five Points students who came out to support the team.

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