Thursday, April 21, 2011


Come support the FIVE POINTS FIGHT TEAM at the latest installment of the always exciting TakeOn Promotions fight series in Flushing, Queens.

Five Points Team participating:

Dwayne Richards * Vincent Hui * Giovanny Mercado * Michael Ma * Bruce Osorio * Angela Babel


Even on a long night full of great bouts, the FIVE POINTS FIGHT TEAM stood out. Although this event featured more of our up-and-coming fighters, they still showed polish, poise and great heart.

Vincent Hui v. Carlos Restreppo (Sitan Gym)
Vincent has developed into a calm, technical fighter in a very short time. He demonstrated this from the opening bell, utilizing a stiff jab and front kick that had him easily winning the round until literally at the bell, when the very talented and determined Restreppo caught him with a hook for an 8 count. Round 2 and 3 were extremely competitive back and forth affairs, with Round 2 to Restreppo and Round 3 to Vincent. Despite coming on stronger as the fight progressed, the 1st round knockdown was telling in this 3 round fight. RESTREPPO BY UD.

Angela Babel v. Molli Barg (Cool Hearts Muay Thai)
Angela set the pace for this bout from the opening bell. Using a textbook 1-2 combination to set up her kicks, Angela repeatedly snapped back the head of a very determined and strong Barg. In her first appearance, Angie demonstrated un unflappable demeanor and good ring instincts, pushing Barg harder as the Cool Hearts fighter started to show the wear and tear of blows. At the final bell, a very deserved win for ANGELA BY UD.

Dwayne Richards v. Keston Jamerson (Camp Undefeated)
As always, Dwayne came fit and fast. But Jamerson was a formidable opponent, strong and aggressive. Crowding and muscling Dwayne, Jamerson wisely used superior size and strength to negate Dwayne's speed and technique. While Dwayne had bursts of impressive striking, at the bell it was JAMERSON BY UD.

Giovanny Mercado v. Eric Tobias (The Wat)
Gio had a tough first round, with the larger Tobias effectively using his size to push him around and control the clinch. Unfazed, Gio came out in Round 2 and changed the direction of the fight with hard head-body combinations and low kicks. Backing up his physically larger opponent, Gio seemed to get stronger as the round went on. Round 3 was extremely close, with Gio continuing to land from outside and largely negating Tobias in the clinch. In the end, after a hard-fought and very close fight, it was GIO BY MD.

Michael Ma v. Kit Yeung (Team Omar/NYJJ)
Yeung came out confident and aggressive at the opening bell, but Michael was not to be denied. Both fighters stood and traded hard punch combinations to the delight of the crowd, with Michael getting the edge and finishing with hard low kicks. The wear and tear started to show on Yeung in Round 2 and Michael capitalized on his opponent's fatigue by pushing even harder. Round 3 cemented the bout as a win for MICHAEL BY UD.

Bruce Osorio v. Tyriq Douglass (Sitan PA)
In only his second bout, Bruce stepped in and up against the tough and experienced Douglass. Demonstrating an exceptionally tight defense and a huge heart, Bruce neutralized much of his opponent's attack. But experience showed in the end, as Douglass initiated exchanges and set the pace of the bout. At the end of a very good fight, it was DOUGLASS BY UD.

As is always the case, the conduct of all our fighters -- win or lose -- was the subject of positive and enthusiastic comments from fans in attendance. Five Points is very proud of our fighters' work ethic, professionalism and performance. And, as always, a huge thanks to the many Five Points students and friends who came out to cheer on the team!


Take On Promotions
Friday, May 13, 2011
The 7 Train Theatre
134-35th Ave
Flushing, Queens, NY 11354

Doors at 8, 1st bout at 8:30 pm.

Tickets ($40 general admission) available at the reception desk at Five Points Academy, or on-line here.

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