Monday, May 9, 2011


Arjan Steve and Arjan Simon returned to Thailand April 23rd to May 6th. On the agenda: training and arranging for trainer visits to Five Points.

Khlap Muay Thai
Ever wondered what it's like to learn from the trainer of Thai legends such as Buakaw Por Pramuk, Namsaknoi "The Emperor," Chok Dee, or Lumpinee stadium champions such as KhonDek? Arjan Steve and Arjan Simon spent a week with the legendary Arjan Jut, and will tell you it's pretty amazing. A keen eye for detail, an infectious work ethic and a genuine concern for the improvement and well-being of his fighters all added up to an extraordinary training experience. Arjan Jut welcomed Steve and Simon into his home -- literally -- and treated them like family. Five Points will return the favor later this summer when we host Arjan Jut, and our students have the opportunity to train with this fabled icon of muay thai.

If you don't enjoy training at this camp, muay thai may not be for you. Warm, welcoming and stocked with talented trainers and fighters, Sitmonchai is what training like a Thai is all about. The runs arelong and hard, the training is intense and arduous. It is also exhilarating and fun. All the fighters and trainers are welcoming and friendly, and the standard is high. Kru Mee and Kru Dam are particularly good trainers -- Five Points students should have the chance to host Kru Mee and his classic Thai style before the year is out. And working with the brothers/champion fighters Apisak and Apisit is as more fun than anyone should have training!

While in Bangkok, Arjan Steve and Arjan Simon also stopped by the equipment factory. There will be a shipment of new Five Points gear in approximately two months. And new shorts are already en route -- check the pro shop in a week or two for a huge new selection of colors and sizes!

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