Tuesday, May 31, 2011

INKOSI PROMOTIONS FIGHT NIGHT (25 June 2011) -- Results Added

Take a road trip to Allentown PA with the FIVE POINTS FIGHT TEAM! Greg, Giovanny, Vincent, Michael and Bill are training hard to bring down the house, and they would love to have you there.


Inkosi Promotions
June 25, 2011

1151 Bulldog Dr.
Allentown PA

Doors at 6 pm, first bout at 7 pm.

Tickets $25 general admission, $50 ringside.
Additional info by emailing inkosifights@gmail.com


An excellent first-time promotion from promoters Lars Wahlmark and Eric Utsch. Hard, competitive bouts and a smoothly run event.

Michael Ma v. Tommy Pasquierello (Rat Pack Fight Team): An extremely aggressive Pasquierello came out throwing bombs from the opening bell. Michael remained calm and stuck to his plan of stiff jabs, hard punches of his own and devastating knees counter-attacks. MA by TKO in round 2.

Bill Chiu v. Nick Lash (Next Level MMA)
Lash looked to be bigger and stronger, landing hard shots from round 1 and opening Bill's nose in round 2. Bill remained focused on landing solid low-kicks, visibly hurting Lash. A great bout with both fighters giving it everything, Bill finished covered in his own blood but with his best round of the fight in round 3. It was not enough, as it was to be for LASH by unanimous decision.

Giovanny Mercado v. James Lash (Next Level MMA)
Gio another Lash brother next and started with a clinic on thai technique in round 1. Round 2 saw him hurt by several very hard (unintentional) knees to the groin, but he came by to dominate in round 3. What most in attendance expected to be an easy decision for Gio was a somewhat surprising DRAW.

Vincent Hui v. Dan Smedburg (Hatfield MMA)
Vincent is calm, polished and unflappable in the face of the most intense onslaught. Obviously going to be an excellent fighter, he is still inconsistent and learning to capitalize when he hurts his opponent. While Smedburg was a very good opponent with heart and hard shots, it was clearly Vincent's inexperience at pressing his advantage that allowed him to take the decision. SMEDBURG by unanimous decision.

Once again the FIVE POINTS TEAM clearly came to fight, in shape, with solid technique and class. Big thanks for their fellow students who made the trip to cheer them on. Join as next time at this very good promotion.

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