Tuesday, May 17, 2011

MUAY THAI CHALLENGE 7 -- May 28th, 2011 -- Results Added

Come support the FIVE POINTS FIGHT TEAM at the 7th installment of the USMTA-sanctioned Muay Thai Challenge. Representing FIVE POINTS at the event:
* Angela Babel, fresh from her triumphant debut at TakeOn Promotions;
* The always exciting and crowd-pleasing Youyung Cho;
* Calm and technical Jesse Handler, in the main event of the evening.

Tickets are available at the front desk. Come out and support the team!

Event Info:

Muay Thai Challenge 7
Saturday, may 28, 2011
3134 Jerome Avenue, 2nd Flr
Bronx NY 10469

for directions click here.
for additional info, email roaringlions13@aol.com


A very hot, very long evening in the Bronx as the Five Points Fight Team started off Memorial Day Weekend with a dominant showing.

-- Angela Babel stepped into the ring for her sophomore appearance just a few weeks after her winning debut. Looking even more poised and powerful, Angela remain unfazed by an awkward, aggressive Olga Borodine to land hard straight punch and front kick combinations in round one. Rounds two and three saw Angie really hitting her stride as she began to utilize angles and footwork to frustrate her opponent, while continuing to unleash hard combinations and kicks. ANGELA BABEL BY UNANIMOUS DECISION

-- Youyoung Cho faced the technically proficient and strong Nick Haines of Master Bakary Muay Thai. Haines came out hard in the 1st round seeming especially strong and comfortable in the clinch. Youyoung remained relaxed, answering knee for knee and establishing his plan form the outside. As the fight progressed Youyoung's ring intelligence became apparent, as he used angles, hard front and low kicks and quick hands in the clinch to take the fight out of Haines. YOUYOUNG CHO BY UNANIMOUS DECISION.

-- Always in shape and training hard, Jose Cruz took his fight on a few days notice, ready to put on a display of may thai skill. Much to his disappointment, his opponent was unable to answer to call to the ring, resulting in a win for JOSE CRUZ BY WALKOVER.

-- Always calm and unfazed, Jesse Handler remained unflappable as his matched opponent changed several times as the fight date drew near -- in fact, right up to the beginning of the bout. In the Co-Main Event of the evening, an always-respecftul Jesse showcased his muay thai skills against the very game Hassan Redzic, controlling the action inside and outside into the 3rd round. Midway through the round, his experience and power proved to be too much for his very willing opponent from Lion's Roar Gym, resulting in a stoppage by knee strikes. JESSE HANDLER BY TKO.

A great night for the team, and an amazing turnout by the Five Points family to support them on the holiday weekend!

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